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Newly inked skin requires gentle products that will heal, soothe, and relieve itching without clogging pores or bleeding color. Jojoba and avocado oils complemented with Shea butter helps restore, moisturize and rebalance the inked skin. This delicate 100% vegan lotion was specifically formulated to heal tissue, reduce inflammation, and lower the risk of infections. Care for your tattoo with this certified-organic tattoo aftercare lotion.

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  1. Traci Cornwell

    I’ve used the balm and the lotion as well. The products versus a dry heal are much, much better. I even feel they help seal the color in but I’m no expert. I can say I won’t get another tattoo without getting product as well.

  2. Bobbie Jo Martin

    It is the best tattoo aftercare product we have used! It heals tattoos much faster, smells amazing and moisturizing. Simply is terrific Highly recommend these products to everyone!

  3. Brando Umphlet

    It’s the best out there! Does not burn or irritate the skin when applied, good consistency, heals tattoos perfectly! Bonus it’s all organic and all natural!

  4. Better than Tattoo Goo

    This stuff works great! I used it on a tattoo that is 7 years old and it literally made it look brand new again. I bought it as aftercare for my newest tattoo and it did wonders for it! It doesn’t have a strong smell, it kind of smells like green soap. It takes moisturizing your ink (old or new) to the next level! Highly recommended! (I’ll add photos later!)

  5. Helped my tattoo heal quickly

    I have many tattoos and I am currently working on a huge stomach piece being done in sessions. The session before this recent one was so bad. It refused to heal and became infected. It was in a more difficult area to heal than my most recent session but this recent one I used Nat-A-Tat2 and I was 80% healed in one week! It looks amazing and I do tribute that in part to this lotion. I bought more for future tattoos. Highly recommended!

  6. Organic Tattoo Lotion!

    Nat-A-Tat-2 Tattoo Lotion is an organic tattoo lotion.

    This product is certified organic, made in the USA and a certified natural product. To use apply generously to the clean tattoo area and reapply as desired. This tattoo lotion is moisturizing and smells great! I highly recommend this product!

  7. The best and safest you can buy

    If you must get a Tattoo, make sure to take care of it and use the BEST Cleanse and Moisturizer on the Market specifically for quick, safe and healthy healing of your new Tattoo!!! Nat A Tat2!!! Thank you!!!

  8. This Works Well

    This is one of the better after care lotions you can get for your tattoo. And it smells good too. It is full of organic ingredients that will help heal.

  9. Worth the investment

    Best tattoo after care lotion I have ever used, it looks pricey but it’s well worth the investment.

  10. Amazing product

    I will use this product again and again. Amazing results.

  11. Excellent product, sinks in quickly, a little goes a long way

    I bought this lotion to help heal my first tattoo. There was so much conflicting information from various sources about what to use that I decided to do with a product specifically formulated for tattoo aftercare. So far, I have been very pleased with this product.

    The packaging is a typical lotion squeeze tube; flip the cap open and there’s a round hole where the lotion comes out when you squeeze. The lotion is vegan and organic, and the company’s website includes a list of all the ingredients–you can check against your allergies and preferences ahead of time.

    The lotion itself is a good consistency, not thin and watery, but not so thick that it is hard to spread. One of the things my friends warned me about is using a lotion that is too thick or gooey, because you want the tattoo to be moist/hydrated while it is healing, but you don’t want to end up with soggy scabs or an oil slick on your tattoo. This lotion is highly spreadable. A little goes a long way, and it sinks in quickly. My tattoo artist instructed me to hydrate after washing, twice a day; one day I was a little itchier (it’s cold, and indoor heat is drying) so I put on a little more mid-day. It’s been great.

  12. Top of the line tattoo aftercare cream

    This was probably the best product I have used to maintain my new Tattoos! It was gentle and lasts a long time, also has a very nice scent 🙂 It’s an A + in my book

  13. Wish they made a larger size for my entire body

    Wish they made a larger size for my entire body. Non greasy, didn’t leave stains on sheets or clothes. Left skin soft.

  14. Full absorption and excellent protection

    I have used this product on a half sleeve as well as several other tattoos. I normally use aquaphor for several days on fresh tattoos, but I have found Nat-A-Tat2 lotion to be the most effective lotion for the healing stage over the next couple of weeks. Furthermore, the lotion has a slight cooling effect which helps when the new tattoo begins to itch. The smell of the product is as natural as the ingredients. After the lotion sinks in, it provides a perfect protective layer which helps the tattoo heal. I highly recommend this product, you won’t be disappointed.

  15. The lotion Is amazing. It smells slightly like green soap

    This lotion is amazing. It smells slightly like green soap. It’s a thin non greasy light lotion. From the first second I applied it to my fresh tattoo I felt a nice cooling relief as the itchy stage starts. Wonderful product. I will definitely buy a new bottle for each fresh tattoo I receive. Fantastic.

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