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Tattoo Care Kit

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Nat-A-Tat2’s comprehensive kit includes a tattoo foam cleanser, a tattoo lotion, tattoo balm, and minty lip balm. Meticulously crafted to promote a healthy healing environment for your new ink, the tattoo kit is organic and vegan. In three simple steps, this tattoo aftercare kit will help keep your new tattoo free of infections and nourish your skin with essential oils and vitamins. Included for free in the kit is Nat-A-Tat2’s Minty Lip Balm.

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  1. Traci Cornwell

    I’ve used the balm and the lotion as well. The products versus a dry heal are much, much better. I even feel they help seal the color in but I’m no expert. I can say I won’t get another tattoo without getting product as well.

  2. Works Great

    This is great for new and old tattoos.

  3. Best Tattoo Products

    The best tattoo aftercare. I have purchased from this company multiple times and the products are always the best. Highly recommend them. Quality and effectiveness are incredible.

  4. Excellent tattoo aftercare product set

    The key to having a tattoo that both lasts and looks great for the long term is how it’s cared for during the initial healing process – and these products are perfect to aide in the healing.

    First it’s critical that the area remains clean in order to prevent infection. The foaming cleanser does an excellent job of gently washing away bacteria and loose as it heals. The cleanser has all natural moisturizing agents that help hydrate and seal moisture in the skin helping to speed healing.

    The moisturizing tattoo lotion is the perfect product to use after cleaning. This lotion is excellent at hydrating the skin and holding the moisture without being overly greasy as many of these products tend to be.

    This set is far cheaper than many others but I found the quality superb. This set is much cheaper than what you’ll find at many tattoo studios but every bit as good.

    Having a vibrant, great looking tattoo requires properly caring for it through the healing process. This set is all you need to help your piece of art heal so it will look great for a lifetime.

    You’ll never regret this purchase.

  5. Excellent Results!

    An older nephew of mine specifically asked for this item as a gift for his birthday when he planned on getting a tattoo….after trying to talk him out of it, I noticed this item in my Choices on Vine and pounced on it for him!!!
    He says it is “The Best” Tattoo healing lotion and cleanse on the market and it was just what he wanted!!! So although he thinks I am a “Cool” Aunt….I still wish he didn’t get the tattoo!! But it looks Fabulous!!! Thank you!!!

  6. Great for new tattoos!

    Came across this product while looking for some lotion for tattoos!
    I’m always concerned about putting anything on a new tattoo, and since I just had a new tattoo done I thought I better look for something better!
    I’ve had people tell me use vaseline, use preparation H (wha?) to run of the mill lotion!
    The tattoo foam cleanser has a bunch of natural ingredients, is certified organic and vegan!
    The smell isn’t bad either.
    The lotion is great. Not thick and absorbs quickly. The lotion is 100% vegan as well!
    They also give you a little Tattoo care 101 which is great as well!
    Well worth it!

  7. Perfect!

    Perfect kit for any tattoo!
    Helps the healing process greatly and helps keep tattoo looking fresh and amazing!

  8. Recommend this product!

    Make sure you follow all the directions and read the ingredients to make sure you are not allergic to any of them. I am very pleased with this set and I like that they included a lip balm too. I would recommend this product. My tattoo healed well and I didn’t have any issues.

  9. Nice ‘lil kit

    This is lotion form and is a little on the thin side so be careful when squeezing some out.
    Depending on your tattoo size, a little goes a long way.
    It has a slight aroma which smells amazing.
    So far my tattoo still has its vibrant black color and my tattoo hasn’t shed. It’s nice and moisturizing.

  10. Love these products!

    The foamy soap makes cleaning my tattoos easy and quick. It is also easy to rinse off and doesn’t dry out the tattoo. The lotion is not too thin but still easily spreadable and a little goes a long way. I have used this kit for my past 3 tattoos and they have healed faster and with less itchiness then the previous 7.

  11. Amazing Product

    Best on market I’ve used it for past 3 tattoos.

  12. Helps the healing process

    The foaming cleanser goes on easily and keeps the tat clean. Moisturizer helps with healing. I have used it along with a friend. No complaints.

  13. Works Well

    Worked well, skin healed quickly and no negative reactions to the cleanser or lotion.

  14. Awesome product!

    I bought this product as a gift for my friend! He loves it for his sleeve tattoos!

  15. The best Tattoo Lotion and Foam, Bar none

    The foaming cleanser does a spectacular job at penetrating into the skin layer, leaving a clean and moisturized tattoo, even during the peeling stage. The lotion adds the final touches to keeping the tattoo vibrant and healthy. Try the plethora of other tattoo products first, then you’ll see the difference. These two products are a step above the rest.

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